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Yogscast CP -

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Alert YogsCast
2 / 75
Monthly Record: 33 players (Aug 7, 15)

Vanilla Plus - 1.0

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DireWolf20 1.7.1 - 1.7.0

Online DireWolf20 1.7
10 / 40
Monthly Record: 18 players (Aug 7, 15)
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Trident - 1.0.0

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Offline Resonant Rise 3 MainLine
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6 hours ago
wow my fps is 1
6 hours ago
don't know why
6 hours ago
are there any mods i should disable for yogs?
6 hours ago
Hi Hi Everyoooone
6 hours ago
why did yogs reset? :(
5 hours ago
Hi Rocketson^^
4 hours ago
4 hours ago
i wnat the new map
4 hours ago
4 hours ago
and maybe i can log in :(
[D] curscascis Manager
2 hours ago
Yogs can be reached with IP or
1 hour ago
anyone on chat?
1 hour ago
i need some help
1 hour ago
1 hour ago
how do i get on dire
[D] curscascis Manager
1 hour ago
You need DireWolf 1.7.1 version 1.7.0
[D] curscascis Manager
1 hour ago
on the FTB Launcher
1 hour ago
i have tried its reinstalling and i will try again stay posted
1 hour ago
we are good
[D] curscascis Manager
1 hour ago
1 hour ago
quick other question
1 hour ago
back when serious servers was owned by vern i bought a vip+ thing for this server can i have it back
[D] curscascis Manager
1 hour ago
I will verify and let you know momentarily
1 hour ago
awsome thanks
1 hour ago
its the account ipkedyormom
[D] curscascis Manager
1 hour ago
thank you
[D] curscascis Manager
1 hour ago
[D] curscascis Manager
1 hour ago
you should have it shortly
1 hour ago
23 mins ago
good night everyone
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Serious Yogscast

[D] curscascis Manager posted Thu at 19:40

Thank you all for your continued loyalty to serious servers. We appreciate all your time, and efforts, and concerns which help make our community a better place. Here are some news updates about what is going on.

We are migrating to portless Server IP’s in order to easier serve new members and keep our community floating. The new ip’s are as follow:

We have upgraded our hardware and are experimenting with new solutions. We are always finding out the best ways to efficiently and effectively use hardware to maximize performance. Note the new hardware is not the cause for the recent problems with performance on yogs, but it does explain the long hours of down time we had two weeks ago, due to data migration issues which we were able to solve.


We will not be separating the comunity based on region. We are tied in with a great network which is connected to the Arctic Fibre Line. Which allows low latency when connecting from Europe. It would be silly to separate the things that make this community great, the mixture of different views and cultures we all share...with the same love for MC and SS.

As you all know we’ve had issues with yogscast recently due to multiple mod issues. We have spent long hours pinpointing issues on the server. The overall performance has improved although not to the extent we had originally hoped. The map is about a month old which is young compared to other maps which have reached EOL(End of Life). We will keep monitoring the current Yogs server for the next 15 days, in this time we will also ask you to migrate your things to Yog2 which will be available soon. In 15 days time the current Yogs server will be reset and replaced with a new Yogs1.

We have decided to start hosting two yogs Servers again as per discussion over the past few weeks.

We will also be hosting an event within the next few days. It will be a fun capture the flag event designed by our new Event Manager McBaked.

We love all your suggestions and support revolving yogs. As well as your patience with the unbearable lag. We have been trying to keep an eye on the lag and give frequent resets while maintaining uptime, bear with us while we bring up the new yogs setup, it is almost complete but we have some last minute setups to finish.

Thank you again for your continued love and support <3 and Stay Serious!




Manager Serious Servers

Yogscast Update

[D] curscascis Manager posted Jul 13, 15

We are sorry to inform you that the yog map has been abandoned. This map has been the longest map ever kept by Serious Servers. The world is becoming too unstable to continue running. There has been a consistently low tps during the past month and a half, and frequency of down time that is beginning to affect the community negatively. The amount of maintenance required to continue running this map is not reasonable, or within the spectrum of what any strong community can afford. We appreciate your understanding and continued loyalty. We ask you to take the time to look forward to all the new experiences and events that you will go through on a new map. New builds, new friends, new mods to focus on. If you have any questions feel free to message rocketson, HunterBlawk, or I. Once again thank you for your loyalty. Have some serious fun, Seriously.


DireWolf 1.7

[D] curscascis Manager posted Jul 3, 15

I'm delighted to announce that DireWolf is Now Open to the public. Its current version is 1.4.1. Thank you everyone that helped out in closed beta. If you find any bugs or issues please report them immediatley via Support Ticket. Thanks!

DireWolf20 1.7 Closed Beta

HunterBlawk Supervisor posted Jun 17, 15

Dear Players,

I'm glad to announce that the DireWolf20 1.7 Server is up and running, in Closed Beta however.
For more info and to apply for the Closed Beta please click here


Supervisor - Serious Servers

Resonant Rise 3

ILikeRoses posted May 22, 15

Dear Serious Players,
Sadly, all good things have their limitations. Resonant Rise 3 will be shutting down soon as a result of a consistency of issues. The modpack itself has many bugs and glitches. These lead to the server having constant downtime and being too much of a hassle to run in general. Another major factor is the fact that the version that our server is running has been removed from the ATLauncher, which prevents new players to join our server. We have chosen not to update to the new version, as we would be sure that we would lose some players in the process due the map reset that would have to occur. We’d like to bring back Resonant Rise once their team “gets their heads out of their asses”. Until then we will be open to other modpack suggestions! Please post your possible suggestions in the comments or post a reply in the forums. Thank you for your support and loyalty. We hope you have a great day.
Best Regards,

ILikeRoses, Admin and cool guy in general